Oct 18 2011

Studio One Version 2 released!

Voodoo One is proud to be one of the first creatures that got hold of this brand new Version of Studio One. He believes that this is the best Studio One ever.

Voodoo One is now exploring the new Studio One Website


Oct 18 2011

Awaiting the 2

Are you as excited as Voodoo One is?

Apr 28 2010

Studio One 1.5 released

Voodoo One is proud to announce the release of Studio One 1.5.

“That’s one small step for Voodoo One, one giant leap for DAWkind.”

As a Studio One user, you can download this major update from your PreSonus user account. Also available from there are 3 new sound sets.

And people seem to like it. :-) Here is a first screencast from Studio One user Gigazaga:

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