Sep 13 2010

Browsing closed songs

Did you know you can browse closed songs and use the presets and music parts in another song? Here´s how to do it: Continue reading

Jun 14 2010

World Cup news:
Voodoo strikes vs. Vuvuzela

VuvuzelaAnybody out there who´s not annoyed about the vuvuzela drone (A what?)? Here´s a Studio One file that filters out the vuvuzela sound from the audio signal. So just connect your tv to your audio device and monitor the signal using the file (included in the download) and enjoy the game! Continue reading

May 7 2010

Sidechaining in PreSonus Studio One

Take me directly to the example file download!

Sidechain compression is a very common method to add “pump” to tracks, especially in electronic music genres. But how does it work?
Here´s an example Continue reading

Apr 1 2010

Opening Cubase projects with Studio One

Today Voodoo One has tried an almost unbelievable hidden feature in Studio One, that was revealed by a beta tester: Rename a Cubase project from .cpr into .song and load it, just like any other Studio One song!

Everything will be there, the aux channels, the groups, instruments tracks and audio. Even the plugin windows will appear scattered across the whole screen.

Mar 19 2010

Studio One streamlines your workflow

Voodoo One wants to draw your attention to this video showing how much faster working with Studio One can be, compared to some older DAWs.

And it’s also way more fun!

Mar 17 2010

Watch Motoko’s Tutorials

Motoko is a Studio One power user who has created a multitude of great videos explaining the usage of many Studio One features.
Continue reading