May 20 2010

Voodoo One has moved

Mission accomplished. Watch how Voodoo One and his friends have moved to their new office:

May 18 2010

Preparing to move

Voodoo One and his friends are preparing to move to a new office in Hamburg Barmbek. Tomorrow will be a busy day for all.

These are the last pictures from the old office:

May 9 2010

Lilacwriters Youtube resource

Check / subscribe to this channel by lilacwriter.…/lilacwriter
It´s loaded with a bunch of really nice Studio One videos.

May 7 2010

Voodoo FX – Free soundset download

Grab the free Studio One soundset “Voodoo One FX” including 70-One exclusive sweeps, multi-effects, glitches and noize hits. Continue reading

May 7 2010

Sidechaining in PreSonus Studio One

Take me directly to the example file download!

Sidechain compression is a very common method to add “pump” to tracks, especially in electronic music genres. But how does it work?
Here´s an example Continue reading