Jun 17 2010

Studio One on MusoTalk

MusoTalk.TV has made a Video report (german) about Studio One 1.5.
Non-Eric talks about some of the new features that he likes best.

Part 1:

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Jun 14 2010

World Cup news:
Voodoo strikes vs. Vuvuzela

VuvuzelaAnybody out there who´s not annoyed about the vuvuzela drone (A what?)? Here´s a Studio One file that filters out the vuvuzela sound from the audio signal. So just connect your tv to your audio device and monitor the signal using the Voodoo-vs-Vuvuzela.song file (included in the download) and enjoy the game! Continue reading

Jun 10 2010

Facebook User Group

Did you know? There is a facebook.com user group by users for users. The group has been launched by Niels ‘Motoko’ de Groot and Alexander Svendsen, two Studio One power users who do an amazing job. Check it out!

PreSonus Studio One group at facebook.com