Free soundset:
CC Kits for Impact

Since Studio One 1.5, the Impact drum machine can handle multi-layered drum sounds, but there haven’t been too many preset kits that make use of the feature – until now!

Rodney Orpheus of The Cassandra Complex has been gathering up a bunch of Creative Commons licensed drum sounds, and turned them into a free Studio One Pro soundset.

CC Kits includes 12 kits, with lots of multisampled acoustic drums and cymbals. The Cassandra Complex have already been using these kits both live and in the studio over the past weeks, so they are well road-tested and ready to rock.

Download for free here and simply drag the soundset into your
Studio One Pro Start page to install it.

Note: at this time CC Kits will only work with Studio One Pro,
not with Studio One Artist.

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CC Kits for Impact”

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