Teddy Riley on Studio One “You are so beautiful!”

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  • Sander Lite Says:


  • HewMuzik Says:

    I have been working in Logic for years and I pulled down the demo of Studio One Pro and heard the difference in my mixes immediately. This is definitely a keeper. I went from starting a mix on my MacBook Pro using headphones and then took the same mix into the studio thinking I might have missed something and BAMMM! It actually blew my mind when I let the track drop on the main Quested monitors. This is no joke the sound is real. GO PRESONUS!!!!! I’M A BELIEVER!

  • Jeffrey B. Scott Says:

    What is Teddy’s rig setup? Does anyone have that info? I’d love to know what the backbone of his rig is.

  • Bernarda Dadlani Says:

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