Oct 21 2011

Integrated Melodyne – Can Your DAW Do This?

It’s undisputed that Melodyne is the best pitch correction software in the market today. Instead of making another poor copy that tries to imitate some of it’s features, Studio One just integrates Melodyne — the best you can get.

PreSonus and Celemony together developed the new pioneering Audio Random Access (ARA) technology, that makes this tight integration possible.

Learn more about Melodyne in Studio One 2 on the Studio One website,
and watch these Videos that explain the details of ARA:

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Apr 12 2011

Teddy Riley on Studio One “You are so beautiful!”

Oct 27 2010

Meanwhile at PreSonus …


Jul 28 2010

Free soundset:
CC Kits for Impact

Since Studio One 1.5, the Impact drum machine can handle multi-layered drum sounds, but there haven’t been too many preset kits that make use of the feature – until now!

Rodney Orpheus of The Cassandra Complex has been gathering up a bunch of Creative Commons licensed drum sounds, and turned them into a free Studio One Pro soundset.

CC Kits includes 12 kits, with lots of multisampled acoustic drums and cymbals. The Cassandra Complex have already been using these kits both live and in the studio over the past weeks, so they are well road-tested and ready to rock.
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Jun 17 2010

Studio One on MusoTalk

MusoTalk.TV has made a Video report (german) about Studio One 1.5.
Non-Eric talks about some of the new features that he likes best.

Part 1:

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May 20 2010

Voodoo One has moved

Mission accomplished. Watch how Voodoo One and his friends have moved to their new office:

May 9 2010

Lilacwriters Youtube resource

Check / subscribe to this Youtube.com channel by lilacwriter.
It´s loaded with a bunch of really nice Studio One videos.

Apr 28 2010

Studio One 1.5 released

Voodoo One is proud to announce the release of Studio One 1.5.

“That’s one small step for Voodoo One, one giant leap for DAWkind.”

As a Studio One user, you can download this major update from your PreSonus user account. Also available from there are 3 new sound sets.

And people seem to like it. :-) Here is a first screencast from Studio One user Gigazaga:

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Apr 7 2010

Mix Magazine selects Studio One as Top-10 hit

The editors of Mix Magazine have selected Studio One 1.5 as one of the Top-10 hits of Musikmesse 2010.

They also feature a Video with Rodney Orpheus on their Site.

Apr 6 2010

Rodney at Digital Village

Rodney Orpheus presenting Studio One at Digital Village East London

Part 1:

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