Oct 18 2011

Studio One Version 2 released!

Voodoo One is proud to be one of the first creatures that got hold of this brand new Version of Studio One. He believes that this is the best Studio One ever.

Voodoo One is now exploring the new Studio One Website


Oct 18 2011

Awaiting the 2

Are you as excited as Voodoo One is?

Apr 13 2011

Musikmesse 2011

messe2011-1 Voodoo One has just returned from Musikmesse 2011 in Frankfurt.
He enjoyed meeting many excited Studio One users and discussing the past, presence and future of Studio One with them.

Again, PreSonus was featuring the best live band of the whole show.
Watch Rodney throwing PreSonus beer coasters at the audience…

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Dec 21 2010

Free Holiday Gift for S1 Users!

We have developed a new collection of instruments for Presence based on some very popular synthesizers.

This is available for FREE in your user account now.

Download the Voodoo One Synth Soundset, then drag and drop it onto Studio One to install. Enjoy!

Jun 14 2010

World Cup news:
Voodoo strikes vs. Vuvuzela

VuvuzelaAnybody out there who´s not annoyed about the vuvuzela drone (A what?)? Here´s a Studio One file that filters out the vuvuzela sound from the audio signal. So just connect your tv to your audio device and monitor the signal using the Voodoo-vs-Vuvuzela.song file (included in the download) and enjoy the game! Continue reading

May 20 2010

Voodoo One has moved

Mission accomplished. Watch how Voodoo One and his friends have moved to their new office:

May 18 2010

Preparing to move

Voodoo One and his friends are preparing to move to a new office in Hamburg Barmbek. Tomorrow will be a busy day for all.

These are the last pictures from the old office:

Mar 28 2010

Back from Musikmesse

Vooodoo One has had a great time at the Musikmesse in Frankfurt. At the PreSonus booth he enjoyed the amazing band “The Cajun All-Stars”, the cool PreSonus products and all the friendly people of the PreSonus family.
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Mar 24 2010

Heading for Frankfurt

Voodoo One is going to Frankfurt to visit the Musikmesse. He is looking forward to meet many old and new friends at the PreSonus booth.

It’s gonna be a party!

Mar 12 2010

And then there was One. Voodoo One.

A few years ago, Voodoo One met some guys who told him about their plan of building the next generation Digital Audio Workstation software. “Are you kidding?”, he asked, “That’s only possible with magic!” They quickly came to the conclusion that they should join forces.

And so Voodoo One became a part of one of the most challenging adventures of modern times: The making of PreSonus Studio One.

Voodoo One had never thought he could get so excited about a piece of software, until he saw the first alpha versions of this new masterpiece in software design. It has been a pleasure for him to see this little gem grow up so far, and he will accompany it’s further development closely.