World Cup news:
Voodoo strikes vs. Vuvuzela

VuvuzelaAnybody out there who´s not annoyed about the vuvuzela drone (A what?)? Here´s a Studio One file that filters out the vuvuzela sound from the audio signal. So just connect your tv to your audio device and monitor the signal using the file (included in the download) and enjoy the game!


DownloadThe .zip contains:
“” and  ”Voodoozela.wav” to test the result.

Just need the FX chain used to filter out the vuvuzelas?
Download it here!


The result

TV audio signal incl. the vuvuzela drone

The filtered signal


Want to know how it works?

  • Use a tuner to find out which note the vuvuzelas play
    (They play B flat / A#)
  • Check the musical note frequency (Here´s a list)
  • Use an Equalizer (in this case the ProEQ) to filter out those frequencies.

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Voodoo strikes vs. Vuvuzela”

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